Problem between LibreNMS and Oxidized

Hi all,
I’m running LibreNMS and oxidized on the same machine, but LibreNMS is running as a docker.
I have problem between LibreNMS and Oxidized. Oxidized receive all the VM from LibreNMS, but without the correct group. All group are to default.
I set my Mapping into LibreNMS:
os = IOSos < cisco
os = RouterOSos < routeros
os = Procurveos < procurve
os = AudioCodesMPos < audiocodesmp
os = CiscoSMBos < cisco
os = FortiOSos < fw
os = NXOSos < nexus
Still not working and not using the correct credentials associated to the group (only using the default)
Model Group
Procurve default
Airos default
RouterOS default
NXOS default

Any idea ? where can be the problem ?

Many thanks