Problem with macros

Ok i think that I have a problem with macros for example %value.device_id for my alert templates, i am not geting value to my email.

For example:

in email I am getting just


Or when i want to get wireless value.

%value.sensor_current I am getting nothing to my email.

What do you thing where is the problem ? Please help

You are talking about alert templates not alert macros. Check here ->

Yes, but I am talking just about that, when i use %value.device_id for example i am not getting that value ( Number of that ID for my device) to my email. I am getting nothing.

try this http://librenms/graphs/type=device_processor/legend=yes/device=%hostname

This is good idea, this is working for me. Thank you. :beer:

But I still thinking why is not working for me %value.sensor_current for wireless. Is somewhere a list of this kind of values, which we can use for alert templates ?

The temperature sensor template should work just change the wording.