Proxmox app assistance

Hello proxmox forums,

I just stood up librenms at home and coming from solarwinds/scom background I really like the ease of the product and the fast webui.

I’m attempting to do application monitoring for Proxmox, using the documentation here:

For the proxmox install, under the Apps tab I see " Proxmox agent was discovered on this host. Please enable Proxmox in your config."
I reviewed the documentation and had to install sudo on the proxmox system and then add the line:

snmp ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /etc/snmp/, /usr/bin/vcgencmd*

After restart snmpd, no joy. Everything else followed the docs. The documentation is a little unclear on what steps need to happen on librenms or on the proxmox system (perhaps always on the end system?). Any ideas what to look at next?

Thank you


Or you copy&paste incorrectly, or your eyes did a jump in the docs to the raspberry pi docs.

Take another look just in case.

sorry I copy and pasted the Raspberry Pi config. Considered posting about both of the applications I’m having issues with but for Simplicity I’m just focusing on the proxmox issue right now.

I’ll review the documentation and respond back to verify everything is correct. Are all of the commands to be run on the proxmox host?

Yes, all commands are for the proxmox host.

Btw, seems you did it rigth for proxmox, just enable it in config.php $config['enable_proxmox'] = true;

Thanks, updating the config.php and restarting apache on the librenms box did the trick. Wouldn’t this normally be updated via the web gui? If I am enabling apps, do I need to do this for each?

No. Some apps requires enabling them in config, but I dont know why.