Purging the data possible?


How can I check where all the space on our LibreNMS is being used by? Can it be purged? We only need to keep 7 days worth of data. This is what I see:

— /opt/librenms --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
101.5 GiB [##########] /rrd

Then within there I see all the IP addresses we poll and about 300-400Mib for each.

Any help would be great.

I’m manually running the ./daily.sh and it’s been on “cleaning DB” for 2 hours so far.

Could this be causing the issue? How can I access the db to dix?


It’s taking that long probably because you don’t have daily.sh in your crontab, which you should.
And for your other question, did you search the docs? set the values under https://librenms/settings/system/cleanup

Looks like fixing those fail SQL datetime errors has allowed the daily.sh to run now and the cleanup ran fast and I’ve got some space back now.