Pushover - Display output as HTML

I have been trying to get the Pushover Transport Notification information to show as HTML to match the email layout.

Every time the alert triggers in Pushover I see all the HTML code.

According to the Pushover API documents, pushover support HTML if you specify the html=1 option. I have tried this via the LibreNMS transport gui and also setting via config.php but neither seem to work.

I’ve found a fix for this but manually editing the pushover.php I’m the transports directory.


LibreNMS is now informing me the daily automated update is failing as I have changed a source file and I should upload the change to git.

Anyone help with this please?

the best way is to make a pull request to add your html support in. Otherwise I think you can add it at the end of .gitignore, or delete it altogether with scripts/github-remove and then re-run daily.

What have you changed in pushover.php?