Python Librenms API Client

Hello everyone,
I wanted to share a Libre Python API Client I’ve been working on and using with Libre. It fairly seamlessly makes most of Libre’s API functions available for you to program for whatever scripting needs you have.

Known problem Functions:
-Oxidized functions (some workarounds are noted in the comments)
-Functions that return images/graphs.

Gitrepo: GitHub - electrocret/LibreNMSAPIClient

Hope y’all find this helpful!


Thank you for sharing this!

I have the Oxidized endpoints working now. The main functions that don’t work are the ones that output images/graphs. Which IMO aren’t really needed for most peoples uses, and I likely won’t pursue.

Thanks for sharing.
Excellent Work!

It’s any way to get the port graph?

best regards.

I haven’t bothered with any of the graphs. TBH, it shouldn’t be too difficult for someone to get them working. It’d be a matter of adding the ‘r’ (raw) flag to the Client API call then converting it to an image.