QNAP NAS Storage % Alert

Hi All

I want to monitor a certain volume on our NAS and created a rule that will notify me once it gets to 80%. I checked the Libre Docs and found an example which I modified to suite my needs and at first it triggered immediately as the one volume is at 86% already and hey presto email in my inbox.

Problem is, after 5 minutes I got a recovered email also and when I checked the rule and it was no longer red, even though the volume is still sitting at 86%.

storage.storage_descr = β€œ/share/CACHEDEV3_DATA” AND storage.storage_perc = 80

Any ideas?


I would replace storage.storage_perc = 80with storage.storage_perc >= 80. If not, it will only trigger when the value is exactly 80. Which probably occured during 5 minutes in your case.