Question re: how librenms displays application data (specifically SMART)

I have a question in regards to the SMART application script, and how librenms displays/generates RRD data for it

Script: Smart application script

This script covers a number of SMART IDs, but my question is…if I were to modify this to pull other IDs (such as

22 Helium_Level 0x0023 100 100 025 Pre-fail Always - 100

Does librenms automatically know what ID 22 is for graphs? or is there some code somewhere that also needs to be added to display the correct ID? I’m sorry I don’t know enough about SNMP/librenms in regards to this… I know modifying the script works, as I get a comma separated output with the new values, just not sure if librenms can read it.

Edit, running the output of the script, I see no id’s are provided, so librenms must have this stored somewhere to parse the csv correctly. will need to search.


Probably best to ask on Discord as the original authors hang out there.