Queue Simple MikroTik and False Alert Fping

Hi Guys,

i love this LibreNMS so much, but i still have somethings that LibreNMS need improve. As long as i read this forum, i think many ppl like me need those improvement which is :

  1. Queue Simple graphing real time upload download trafic every queue on MikroTik (MikroTik Graphing for queue so amazing, but i want it at my LibreNMS, i think its possible)
  2. as long as i using LibreNMS, still have many false alert from service.down and status icmp (i can ping the host by the LibreNMS server but still come alert for that host sometimes) and i already config all tuning performance too. if its possible too, i want make it like Nagios at LibreNMS, i’ve install nagios plugin but i still confuse how to make it work. and i want to create like Nagios Map network

just that things i really need for now, i believe soon or later this will be settled in LibreNMS. But i will apreciate if someone can make it ASAP and i will give some reward as the feedback if someone want to make it.
and 1 thing, i want being a sponsor for this LibreNMS but i dont have any credit card. can u make me easier to doing that? im from Indonesia, so if it is possible, i want to donate that just need transfer from my ATM… Thx :smiley:

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I know you said you ran through the performance doc but did you adjust the Fping settings?


i’ve and i tried to make some compliance to my network situation, my config for fping like this :

$config[‘fping’] = “/usr/bin/fping”;
$config[‘fping6’] = “/usr/bin/fping6”;
$config[‘fping_options’][‘timeout’] = 3000;
$config[‘fping_options’][‘count’] = 3;
$config[‘fping_options’][‘interval’] = 500;
#$config[‘fping_options’][‘millisec’] = 1000;
$config[‘fping_options’][‘retries’] = 3;

is it correct?
thanks for respond me :smiley:

can someone help me for this feature?