Rancid integration issue

I’ve set up a Rancid 3.12 instance with git, that works fine.
I’ve got LibreNMS working well, with nginx on centos 7.
Both are set up on the same server and individually, they work as intended.

The problem i’m having is no devices seem to be getting their respective Config tab in librenms - options i’ve set in config.php are:

$config[‘rancid_configs’][] = ‘/var/rancid/librenms/configs/’;
$config[‘rancid_repo_type’] = ‘git’;
$config[‘rancid_ignorecomments’] = 0;

librenms and nginx user are in the rancid group and i’ve double checked and verified both users can read the config backups.
Config backups are properly named and filenames match the hostnames in LibreNMS.

Is there some option I’m missing or is this integration just not working?

Side-note: Adding this small snippet to misc/config_definitions.json allows one to get the values into web-ui’s Global Settings - Global tab:
“rancid_configs”: {
“type”: “text”

I’m not sure if Rancid is supported in LibreNMS…the recommended solution is generally oxidized because the integration is lightyears ahead of rancid.

Just going by the official docs, it should have a small integration to view a devices config, which is good enough for us, if it works:

The problem with oxidised, in our opinion, is the lack of maintainers, if the maintainer decides its not worth the hassle anymore, the product is effectively dead until someone else picks it up. We’ve just been burned before on such products, so we’re trying to stay away from them.

hmm. wasn’t aware rancid was supported. In any case, I’d guess that it’s a permissions or names issue. If you look in your config directory, you have configs? do they match the name of the devices in librenms? if not, try creating a link so that libre can find it.

Rancid is working fine, configs are being created properly. Names are also the same as from LibreNMS (which is expected, since the router.db was generated by the LibreNMS script). Both the librenms and nginx users can read the files, verified by logging onto those users and running ls on configs/ directory and cat-ing some of the files.

Got it working - all permissions worked fine, just forgot to tell SELinux to allow httpd / nginx to read the files…

SElinux is the worst. glad you got it sorted out! nice work.

SELinux is the greatest, i’m just the idiot that forgot to restart nginx when checking with setenforce 0 if it was selinux and dismissed it since it changed nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

please use guidelines to integrate Rancid:

youtube link for help:

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