Random snmp device down over wan links

Hello All !

I am fairly new to Librenms, and trying to get things going.
I am facing an issue with devices over WAN links, where they suddenly show as offline due to SNMP no response. There is no actual pattern to this issue and it is happening at random times.

Is there a way for me to have the system retry polling a couple of times before marking the device as offline, or is there a proper way of handling this matter for devices over WAN links?

Thank you in advance for the help !


Maybe setup a delay in the alert rule for SNMP?

I work round this by using ICMP monitoring for device up/down and a separate rule to flag up SNMP polling failure:

Device down
macros.device_down = 1 AND devices.status_reason = "icmp"

Host SNMP polling failure
macros.device_down = 1 AND devices.status_reason = "snmp"

And adjust your rule delays to suit.

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Hello @alanbboyd, @Kevin_Krumm ,

Thank you for taking the time to check out my question !
actually i tried to increase the retries value for the snmp as by default it is 3 (if i am not mistaken)

So far so good, will keep you updated on how things go from there.

Thank you for your input



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Hello @alanbboyd,

I ended up going with your advise ! thank you for the help

Best Regards

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