Read 3 sensors from HWg-STE2 unit

I have just purchased some new HWG-STE2 units and wish make use of their ability to have 3 simultanous sensors (humid, temp and temp.)
I can’t however collect data from sensor 2 (3) as the first sensor is a combined (humid/temp) sensor.

I can see in the /opt/librenms/includes/discovery/sensors/temperature/ that i only has one OID
whereas my HWG has 3 50.1 1. Sensor String Value string RO 22.9 2. Sensor String Value string RO 29.6 3. Sensor String Value string RO

Can anyone provide some assistance on where/howto fix this matter.


You may want to submit the issue in git hub with all required info asking for support for that sensor.


Or you can code it yourself and make a pull request to github librenms