Realtime traffic speed is incorrect

Hello to everyone,

I installed version 24.4.1 of LibreNMS on Ubuntu 22.0.4 and added 7 devices. 1 Fortigate fw, 2 Palo Alto fw, 4 Cisco sw. There is no issue with the Fortigate firewall, but real-time traffic appears incorrect for the other devices. I’ve configured rrdcached and rrdtune settings, but the situation hasn’t changed. I’ve attached a screenshot of the problem

Got the same situation for some devices. In many cases it’s due to Polling Interval. I’ve found that some vendors work good with 5s or 10s interval. Maybe it’s the same case.

thank u for reply

This occurs on devices with the “Caching may be effect (?)” issue. Even if I change the polling interval the problem persists.
I added all devices using the same configuration SNMPv3. I want to try with v2c