Recovery Conditions Port Usage Alert

Hi Everyone,

I hope this message find all of you very well.

I need help from you guys to setup recovery condition as I am new in LibreNMS and love it’s features.
I have below condition in my rule.

macros.port_usage_perc >= 90 AND = “UPLINK Ports”

So here when usage or the port comes to 90% then i got alert which is good as configured but as soon as port went to 89.99% I will get recovery alert that time too so that time there will be many alerts.

How i can setup my recovery condition to give me alert when *macros.port_usage_perc <=70

Question Number 2:

While creating Rule we have option to either Add rule or Add Group so when we add group then there is Child windows coming down to parent rule so what is the use of that ?

Any Example of this please ?

Thank You

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