Rediscover / Delete a devices "Internet"

I have a little problem to delete or rediscover, I explain:

I have NAT ports to access LibreNMS from the Internet. HTTP and SSH working ok. But when I want to delete or rediscover a device, I must connect to the VPN to be able to do it from its local IP address.

I also have a problem with real-time supervision, but the problem must come from the same point.

./valide.php OK for all points

What happens when you click on delete device and not connected to VPN, does it say it’s deleted it successfully or do you get an error?

check /opt/librenms/log/librenms.log to see if it tells you any errors

For rediscover : An error occured setting this device to be rediscovered

For Delete: LibreNMS trying to connect on this IP local

Nothing special, just the poller.php that runs

server_name or ServerName in your webserver config must be set to the internal IP instead of whatever you are using to access it externally.


it’s already the case :

server {
listen 80;
root /opt/librenms/html;
index index.php;