Remote Access Sessions graph missing on Cisco ASAv

I have Cisco ASA appliance and Cisco ASAv, and I add these two devices into LibreNMS.
For ASA appliance, I can find Remote Access Sessions graph, but I also can find “cras_sessions.rrd” in rrd folder.

For ASAv, I can’t find the graph in the web page and I also can not find “cras_sessions.rrd” in rrd folder.

I’ve checked both ASA appliance and ASAv support SNMP OID “” in CISCO-REMOTE-ACCESS-MONITOR-MIB, and it’s include in “”.

May I know why this graph missing on ASAv?

I just solve it!

After I checked “/opt/librenms/includes/polling/” this file, the cras_sessions.rrd will be create after LibreNMS detected “Mail Proxy”, “LAN to LAN tunnel”, “IPsec tunnel”, “Load Balancing sessions”. “SVC session” and “WebVPN session” this 6 features on Cisco ASA.

If there have one of above feature missing on Cisco ASA, then LibreNMS would not create “cras_sessions.rrd” and you won’t see the graph on the portal.

Because I didn’t enable Email proxy on ASAv, and it won’t be enabled in our environment, so I changed configuration on “/opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/device/” and “/opt/librenms/includes/polling/” to ignored mail proxy feature, then I can see the graph display on the portal.

But this solution seems cause existing rrd file crash, and the value will display with “NaN”, so I still need to figure it out.

Hi @zexinfinite
Could you please push a PR replacing “AND” with “OR” so any of those values would be enough to trigger the graph, instead of all of them ?


Sorry, I just noticed this solution will cause other existing rrd file getting crash, and it will display “NaN” value in rrd file, so I still need to figure it out…