Remote location monitoring

Hello all,

I am looking for a way to be able to read network equipment at a remote location. think of Firewalls, Router, Switches and other network equipment. But I can not use a VPN tunnel.

I am therefore looking for a Probe / agent that can collect data on location and send it to the librenms server at a different location. to, for example, a specific port. (maybe kind of N-able probe / agen if you are familiar with it.
Because at that location I often only have access to a windows server and no possibility to install a libremns server.

Does anyone know if this has already been made by someone who can work with librenms or is this still a job that needs to be done?

Just do not know if this is the right place to post.
Thanks for contributing ideas.:grinning:

Is not for what is intended for, but, you can use distributed polling

Thanks for your comment @TheGreatDoc.

I had already gone through that document, but as far as I go, I need a Linux system for that poller at the remote location? If I’m wrong, I’d like to hear about LibreNMS for a long time. But unfortunately I only have access to a windows server at the external location.

If someone else knows something for an agen / probe for external location or another way I like to hear it.

Is it possible to run a Linux Virtual machine on top of this windows server ? not the most efficient solution, but it the HW is strong enough, should work beautifully.

Is certainly not an ideal option but is a possibility.
Just do not know if every server I have at my disposal on the remote location is powerful enough for an extra OS. Some are already a bit old.

I wait a while to see if anyone else knows anything?
Is it perhaps an idea to request this as a Feature Requests?

You can tag this post as Feature Request I would say. But considering it is a huge amount of work, as agents are not the today philosophy of LibreNMS, I would suggest you to dig the other options…