Removing a port group isn't working. Possible bug

Hello all,
I am using version 21.7.0.
I created a Port Group called “WAPS” and added the port group to some ports on some of my switches so that I could create a rule for notifications. So far so good.

However, when i try to remove the port group from the port, an error pops up (too quickly to capture) and although the port group is removed when I’m on the settings screen, when I scroll away and come back the port group is still allocated.

Steps to reproduce.

  • create a port group
  • select any switch device
  • select edit (gear icon)
  • select port settings.
  • against any port, click in “Port Group” field and select a port group.
  • browse away elsewhere
  • select the same switch
  • click edit (gear icon)
  • select port settings
  • click the x to remove the port group
  • browse away elsewhere

now come back to the same switch and on the “ports” screen it still shows as being a member of that port group, and if you then go into edit, port settings the port group is still listed.


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