Removing intentionally empty modules from "State Sensor Critical"

So, basically, I have some empty power supply modules that are triggering this alert.

I’ve attempted to have:

sensors.sensor_descr NOT LIKE ‘%NotExist%’

after going into the DB and noticing each id in question looked like

Sw1, PS1 Normal, RPS NotExist
Sw1, PS1 Normal, RPS NotExist
Switch 1 - Power Supply B, NotExist

After that failed, I noticed each sensors_to_state_indexes.state_index_id = 9, but even carving that out didn’t stop it from populating the usual suspects.

Invert rule match is disabled.

Not sure if it will work, but you want to filter by the state_translations.state_descr field instead of sensors.sensor_descr (which is “Switch 1 - Power Supply B” in one of your examples)