Report Status/State on IOT Device

I would like to show the state of an alert (rule) and maybe the system (notifications summary) on a device by changing its state. The device will be visible to administrators.

I would like to send an HTTP request when there is a problem, and a different (“clear”) request when the problem is removed. This information isn’t itself for human consumption, but the resulting action by the device will be. For instance, turn a strobe on and off, or display a scrolling message or an alert tone.

I have already created a transport, which was pretty simple, but that was for human-readable text (this was for Nextcloud Talk).

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to accomplish this? Is there currently a mechanism?

One way I can think of is to have the transport look for special text like "recovered from " or “got acknowledged” or “Time elapsed:” in order to know whether to take the alert state action or the clear state action. If possible, I don’t want to keep state information in the transport itself.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Can you achieve this with Alert Rules, Templates and the API transport? Transports - LibreNMS Docs

Looks perfect. Thanks! I didn’t realize there was such a generic transport.