Request for small kick-off assistance


We want to run a L-NMS trial. Just imported the latest OVA to ESX. So far so good. -
Is anyone so kind to provide me some short kick-off support ?
my Q’s:
1: Any post-installation tasks required after OVA import ?
2: How to launch the WebGUI ?

many thanks

Covered in the docs look at

The first thing to do after you install VM image is to run updates.

Thanks Kevin,
Frankly, I was diving over one hour into the docs - but wasn’t able to find an appropriate information (…)
Maybe I was on the wrong track, …

BR, Max

To run updates.

cd /opt/librenms

To get to the Web UI that totally depends what you have setup on the network.
Using your browser to get the WEB UI by IP address or hostname.