Retaining customizations in php and config files

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way to save customizations to files that I have edited directly. I have altered the config_definitions.json file to add new colour schemes for graphing, and also edited the,, bits_separated to adjust for changes that I have made to the rrd_options (changing the interface display name), background colour of the graph, which colour scheme to use.

Each time the runs it warns that these files have been altered, a scripts/github-remove -s fixes the issues up but wipes out the customizations. I have a backup made of my changes outside the /opt/librenms folders so a diff can be run on them after each upgrade to compare, but unfortunately my system does not auto update because of the manual changes.

Any suggestions on how to retain the changes but allow for auto updates?



The easiest way is to open a PR with your changes, so we can merge them. This is exactly how LibreNMS is improved by the community.