Reverse in / out traffic in graphs?


Does anyone know if there is a way to reverse in/out counts for graphs on the dashboard ? (or elsewhere for that matter)

For most servers I like to poll their network interface directly using SNMP, so for these devices “out” means the server is sending and “in” means the server is receiving. This also means if the server is ever moved to another switch port no changes are needed.

However we have a few “server” devices (appliances) which don’t offer SNMP access for traffic counters, in that case the only choice is to monitor the switch port it’s connected to instead. Naturally this reverses in/out so that “out” is now the server receiving and “in” is the server sending.

On a dashboard of server network ports this can be a bit confusing and it would be great to have an option to reverse in/out graphs where necessary to have consistency across all devices on the dashboard - both those polled directly with SNMP and those where their switch port is being polled, however I can’t find any option to reverse in/out on graphs ?