RRD duplictes Directory LibreNMS Uses to much Space

Hi Guys,

So we created a local LibreNMS server for testing purposes and found that for some reason our one switch is creating Duplicate Ports and this then gets written into the RRD folder for that host on the moment it is on 9GB.

if anyone could maybe assist me in a way to resolve it from creating duplicates.

Thanks in advanced.

Please also see.


Maybe try to turn l2tp interfaces off in the config:

$config[‘int_l2tp’] = 0; # Disable L2TP Port Types

wont this be a global config as we only need to resolve this issue on one host.

In that case you could just ignore this single interface by description:

$config['bad_if'][] = "interface-name";

but why is it doing this as soon as the connection goes down and backup it creates a new RDD file for the Vlan which is 1.8Mb and there is about 5000 of them

Sorry I have no clue why is it happening, I think you would have to run discovery in debug mode to see what happens during it.


This is what my Host is currently doing