RRD-fetch_r failed


i have sock error on rrd graphs. I restart all service and restart the server. RRD Service is up an runnung. Sock is open. But Libre can not read the sock. all with librenms user. no errors at nginx logs …

valid.php no errors…

can you help?

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i found the issue… in der Graph URL was i comma more then expexted…

/graphs/id=28307,28308,39879,39880, then get the error … delete the comma all fine.
at Widget you can found a only x button with no value… i dont know why, before weekend all fine …

it is a ./daily.sh version bug?

I had the same issue, corrected the same way (remove the empty device in the dashboard).
It might be related to Graphing: error when device is not found by murrant · Pull Request #15459 · librenms/librenms · GitHub where now an empty device now will throw an error

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