Ruckus AP being detected as generic device

Added my ruckus unleashed master AP, Device is added but seen as “generic device”.
This is how it shows up in web gui:

Further to this the logo is not changing to ruckus:

here is the output of vlidate.php:

here is the output of ./discovery.php -h 26 -d -m os

Here is output of ./poller.php -h 26 -r -f -d | ./

I’ve tried deleting and re-adding it many times but it just remains as a generic device event though it is clearly picking up it is a ruckus unleashed R510

Ruckus “fixed” the system object ID for Unleashed with 200.15. The Ruckus SNMP spec said “.”, but 200.14 incorrectly used “.”.

This addresses the issue with librenms:

--- includes/definitions/      2024-04-28 17:43:26.135737508 -0700
+++ includes/definitions/ruckuswireless-unleashed.yaml  2024-04-28 16:59:41.572914085 -0700
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
     - { graph: device_wireless_clients, text: 'Number of Clients' }
-        sysObjectID: .
+        sysObjectID: .
             oid: '.'
             op: starts

Thanks dennypage.

Can you explain how I use this please?

You would apply that diff to the librenms code. You will need to rediscover after application.

no idea how to do that but searched a bit deeper and edited the relevant yaml file.

Much easier than assuming I know how to apply a diff to code, Sorry I’m not a programmer.

I assume you got it working though?