Ruckus SmartZone Version MIBs for Connected APs and induvidial AP polling

The recently released Smarzone module is not able to poll connected APs for version 5.0.
Version 3.6 reports correctly for the MIB shows in PR 9727.

I am not aware of how to do this if the version of the SmartZone is polled as 5.0, then it should poll with a different OID.

Smartzone can be polled for its version with the following MIB/OID:

TABLE 182 ruckusSZEventFirmwareVersion
Object Name ruckusSZEventFirmwareVersion
Object Ζdentifier .
Description The SmartZone firmware version.

Then the following OID can be polled for connected APs when running version 5

Object Name ruckusCtrlSystemNodeNumApConnected
Parent Node ruckusCtrlSystemNodeTable
Object Ζdentifier
Description Number of APs currently connected to this node.

Today Cisco WLCs are polled for induvidual APs and have a “is-deleted” database field to alert if a specific AP goes down. This makes alerting easy and simple.

If there was some kind of mapping for the ruckusCtrlApTable MIB for each induvidual AP, then this might be possible as well.

Object Name ruckusCtrlApStatus
Parent Node ruckusCtrlApTable
Object Ζdentifier
Description The AP status type, which is: 0: not available (busy or not running) 1: connected

Let me know how else I can help with improving the SmartZone Ruckus module!

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