Scheduling maintenance via API

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Is it possible to schedule maintenance via the API?
I was unable to find it in the documentation.


Hi Jim,

This isn’t something in the API currently, but I can see the value in this.

Can I suggest that you re-tag this as a feature request.


Hi Gary,

Thanks, I re-tagged it.
What’s another way to disable notifications of a system, I guess disabling it?

You can set it to ‘ignore’ I think that should do it.

Either that or filter in the actual alert (you could create a group for ‘all devices’ and then only add the devices you want alerts for.


I mean ignore yes.
We have about 100 devices, and we do maintenance on the servers connected to those, so if they reboot, or need hardware something, we get a ton of alerts, hence I was hoping to automate this via the API as we currently do with Icinga for the servers themselves.

I haven’t tried this myself, but you could possibly use update_device_field to set ignore?

And have an @reboot job to set this to false, may be an option?