Search multiple entries in GUI

[[email protected] librenms]# ./
Re-running /opt/librenms/ as librenms user
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Updating Composer packages OK
Updated from 3388741 to d9bbc60 OK
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Caching PeeringDB data OK


I was wondering if there was a way to search multiple entries, specifically in the GUI at “” ?

Basically, I’m trying to only see specific mount points and their utilization across all matching servers. I couldn’t find a good way to do this with device groups as it would just show me the servers instead of the storage mount points. If I could use the search field like /data || /home or /data && /home at the above URL, that would solve my problem. Any other suggestions or ideas to achieve what I’m looking for are welcome.


Probably the best way is to create a report via alert, create an alert using storage.storage_descr equals /data … etc

Then create an alert template like so


Device Name: %hostname
Severity: %severity 
Uptime: %uptime_short
{if %state == 0}Time elapsed: %elapsed{/if}
Timestamp: %timestamp
Location: %location
Description: %description
Features: %features
Purpose: %purpose
Notes: %notes

Server: %sysName {foreach %faults}Mount Point: %value.storage_descr Percent Utilized: %value.storage_perc{/foreach}


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not opposed to a report that e-mails me so I don’t have to go manually look. However, wouldn’t that just alert when a certain threshold is met (whatever I define, that is)? Or is there some way to have it send on a certain schedule, like daily, weekly, monthly, etc?

Thats not possible at this time.