Selectable Legends for Graphs (text)

Can we please get the ability to select the Graph Legend text results? That way I can put it in a notepad app or something and compare it to the text in another graph. Or stuff like that. Just a touch odd I can’t highlight, and then copy, said text.

Naturally, said text could be improved upon in other ways, but that’s not what this request is about :wink:

Those graphs are images so I doubt this is something we can do. I expect maybe a browser plugin is probably better suited for something like this.

Without knowing how the generation actually works, couldn’t that info be moved (as an option?) from inside the image to text on the page? I hear what you’re saying about how it works currently, but is changing that not technically feasible?

There is no way currently to access that data from PHP code. It can only reside inside the graph or not at all.

It is technically possible, but the code to retrieve the correct data does not currently exist. (and is likely very complex)

As a tip, some Android devices allow you to OCR copy text from images inside the task switcher. I use this all the time :slight_smile: