Selected Port Polling

I have “selected port polling” enabled to reduce the load on the system. I had a port go down and now it looks like Librenms has disabled polling for that port. Is there a way to re-enable polling for that port? Or do I have to turn off selected port polling, rediscover, then re-enable selected port polling?

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Is the port back up? If not then that’s why, we only poll ports that are up. Once it’s back up it will be re-polled.

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Yes, a cut fiber put the port in alarm. Librenms I guess saw the port state as disabled and then removed the port from the device -> ports page. I disabled Selected Port Polling for a hour or so and then when I looked at the ports page, the port I was missing was back. I re-enabled Selected Port Polling and all is good.

i have noticed this too on Calix gear. we typically monitor GPON ports for overall usage and if we lose one temporarily for a card reboot or what not it will just disappear until you manually force a discovery. should fix