Send traceoptions log Juniper to LibreNMS

I’m using Juniper MX routers and wish to send trace logs to LibreNMS apart from the standard syslogging.
I’m most specifically interested in the “system processes general-authentication-services” log files where you can trace subscribers logging in and out, and this is information not present in the standard syslog traces.
I opened this forum post at Juniper and one of the users say that instead of saving the traces to local system that you can override this and send the traces to a syslog or NMS server.
Now, LibreNMS is an NMS server, but I have no clue what to do or where to look in order to get the trace logs in the GUI.
What are the steps required to get the logs visible in the GUI under the device who sends the traces?

If the device is sending syslogs, just configure librenms to receive them and you should be on tracks :

Hello PipoCanaja,

Thanks, but the device is sending syslogs, using the default syslog configuration in JunOS.
This is what Juniper documentation says about what I need:

“To collect traces, use the local0 facility as the selector in /etc/syslog.conf on the remote host. To separate traces from various processes into different files, include the process name or trace-file name if it is specified at the [edit process-name traceoptions file] hierarchy level, in the Program field in /etc/syslog.conf . If your syslog server supports parsing hostname and program name, then you can separate traces from the various processes.”

How would I use the local0 facility as the selector, so that I can populate other messages into mysql and GUI?

LibreNMS expects rsyslogd or other syslog daemon of the system to collect and transmit the syslogs. So again, please read the documentation, all is already there.

Concerning Local0, this is a configuration that you’ll want to do in the syslog daemon.

Hello @all,

It seems that the version JunOS i’m running is broken regarding sending regular log files to syslog or NMS server.
A problem report is already filed. For people using JunOS and syslog, please search for PR1489339.