Sensor Values Energy Consumption Increment YAML


we are using a meter pdu (cyberpower) and the snmp does produce energy consumption values, however the values shown is the total consumption from day 1.

is there anyway for librenms to display the consumption increment (say every poll), basically take the current value and deduct from the previous value to get the kw/h usage between the two poll?


Hi Arjun,

This is not possible using YAML, in fact not possible using the Health/Sensor code at all.
Only custom code would allow this for now, meaning you would need to create a dedicated page to display it as it would not be displayed in the “Health” page.


thanks for the information, we are doing a workaround now, cronjob to insert the incremental values via snmpget…

think doing another page just for this, would be beyond my competency right now,