Sensors on a Dell PowerEdge R510

So we’ve got an older R510, running Windows server 2012R2 with SNMP enabled. We also have the iDRAC 6 Enterprise added as IPMI.

Unfortunately none of the health sensors are getting discovered/polled (Disk status, RAID controller health). After a bunch of digging, I ended up enabling MIB based polling for just this host and boom, all of the Dell stuff shows up.

Any idea why that’s required? All of the data it grabs comes from MIB-Dell-10892

We’re running stable (1.62.2)

Add the idrac to librenms using snmp not ipmi

So I was mistaken and the server is actually running Server 2008R2, if that matters.

In either case, I did try and add the iDRAC directly as a device, and in that case only a single “Global system chassis” sensor is detected. When I enable MIB polling for the server itself all of the normal “Dell” statues show up (RAID health, drive health, etc)

you thinkning to add the idrac ip as and device?

yes add it as a device