Serial Number in HPE UPS R1500 | CPQPOWER-MIB

Hello Community

Trying to add the serial number and product type from R1500 HPE UPS in librenms.
In default, there is only the serial number from Network-MGMT Card.

In the mib there is a comment:

  • cpqSiSysSerialNum ( which is defined in CPQSINFO.MIB.
    – This is the PDU/UPS serial number (listed but not implemented in SNMP Agent)

    – cpqSiSysSerialNum OBJECT-TYPE
    – SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0…255))
    – ACCESS read-only
    – STATUS mandatory
    – “The serial number of the PDU or UPS.
    – The string will be empty if the system does not report the
    – serial number.”
    – ::= { cpqSiAsset 1 }
    – ===================================================================================

librenms/CPQPOWER-MIB at master · librenms/librenms · GitHub

The librenms read this snmp community.
Do you have any idea, how i can add this OID to these systems?

Regards Simon