Server Monitoring Question

First off apologies for the possibly dumb question, I am new here and considering using LibreNMS. I know that it is a great option for SNMP devices and that I can turn on and configure SNMP for servers.

The questions are:
Is this a good platform for monitoring windows based servers?
Do I need WMI, I haven’t pulled the trigger because - no wmi polling - but do I really need it?

I currently pay way to much for OpManager and everything keeps costing more with add on modules to get some pretty basic functionality. I know their website says it is cheap but we are up to 12k a year at this point.
Wanting to find a lower cost (I know this is free) solution, although I am not opposed to paying a reasonable amount for a paid solution.

I originally stumbled across Observium which brought me to here, I liked Observium but after googling it the dude that runs the place seems off his rocker. I am not a networking genius so asking a question and being belittled into the ground doesn’t sound like a positive solution.

Why not install it and test it for a few days. I am using this to monitor our Windows servers and Firewalls. I use Pushover and email notification if there is a CPU or MEM running high. It works for us. I also installed it on a vm on my computer to test it. Later I build it from scratch again on a vm in our cluster.

We dont have WMI support just SNMP and very basic monitoring when it comes to windows from SNMP.