Service check - separate alerts for different checks

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I have 2 service checks with Nagios(fping to 2 different DNSs) on the same device.
I have configured it correctly and m getting alerts when either of them fails.
But, I am getting only one combined alert when both of them fails at the same time.
I was hoping to get 2 alerts as there are 2 different service-checks.

Is there a way to get 2 separate alerts(based on different DNS) in this scenario ?

You would have to create separate alerts for each service you wish to receive a distinct alert, something like:

services.service_status = 2 AND services.service_id = 7

services.service_status = 2 AND services.service_id = 12

The service_id can be found directly via SQL query from the services table in the librenms DB:

select service_id, service_ip, service_desc from services;

You can leave your alert template as-is, just applied to all relevant alerts.

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