Service Check to late

Hello Guys,

we have implementaed some service checks with nagios plugins. We have the issue that the service check was a few seconds to late.

Example. Alle 5 Minutes we check the Services. At Seconds 00 the Check goes to critical because the answer from the checks comes 3 or 4 seconds too late. Is there a config option to wait more seconds?


Does the plugin itself have it?

I mean, all LibreNMS does is to parse plugin output. If plugin have an option to set timeout (lets call it -t in seconds) you will use in the parameters box -t 5


dont work. Same Error with Parameter -t 10

2018-10-21 19:25:00 service archiv.primeline Service ‘’ changed status from OK to Critical - -

2018-10-21 19:25:03 service archiv.primeline Service ‘’ changed status from Critical to OK - - 2 services active (matching “MailStore Instance Host,MailStore Client Access Server”) : OK

Any other ideas?


Sorry, the -t was an example. I dont know even if they have it.

Run the plugin from console without arguments and you will get the options they have.