Service Templates: What's the use of Device Groups?


So Service Templates… What is the intention with the Device Groups specified?

I originally thought you could leave the “Select Devices” field empty and just specify one or more Device Groups which would specify which devices the Service Template would apply for for that is currently not my case using " [21.3.0-49-g535ce5eb2 - Tue Mar 30 2021 23:10:20 GMT+0200]". The only difference I see specifying a Device Group makes is that they are shown in the Service Template view but it doesn’t affect the chosen devices in any way I can see -> I have to specify, for each template, the specific devices I want the Service Template to apply to.

I’ve read the documentation for Service Templates at but the function doesn’t, for me at least, work as described…

I have noticed the same thing. Ideally, I would define a device group once (with dynamic rules), then apply service templates to that device group. Instead, it seems I need to create those dynamic rules on every service template I want to create against a group of devices.

I’m bumping this thread as it looks like a bug at the moment.

Was anyone able to make it work?

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I’d say it’s a bug but that’s without know the intent of the author of course. I haven’t been able to make it work.

Probably, the service templates are very new. I don’t even use services, so I can’t really give you any direction. Would be great if someone could look into it and submit a fix.


you can use Dynamic device type and to get your desired result as a workaround:

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