Services graphing - incremental values

I am wondering if LibreNMS services allow graphing incremental values not in a form of constant line graph, but more like graph of differences between values.

To clarify, here is an example:
I have a device that gives me incremental values:
At 06:00 it gives me 50kWh,
At 09:00 it gives me 80kWh,
At 12:00 it gives me 85kWh,
At 15:00 it gives me 86kWh.

I would like a graph to look like:
At 09:00 - 30kWh,
At 12:00 - 5kWh,
At 15:00 - 1kWh.

Is it possible with LibreNMS services plugin? Can’t find anything on the topic.

Thank you in advance