Services that are not checked colour

We should inform the user of services which are not being monitored.

I suggest the colour grey since we already have blue for never checked, green for OK, yellow for warning? and red for CRITICAL.

I wasn’t aware my services of a downed device (old server) were not being monitored while we were migrating servers.

The actual websites monitored via HTTP were on the new server already. But I didn’t get around to moving them on LibreNMS since I thought it was being monitored still.

If we clearly show grey colour for services that are not being monitored then there is no ambiguity to users. Last thing we want is a false sense of security with a green icon when really nothing is being checked.

It maybe useful to also show grey for services not polled recently.

Attached is a example image of what I am suggesting it would look like for a service which is actually online but could be offline. Assigned to a device which is down. The service isn’t being checked by the poller.


Currently that service maybe down on the new server and I would not know about it since it shows green there.