Set device_display_default not working as documented

Enable or disable the sysDescr output for a device.

https://<your librenms url>/webui/device

lnms config:set device_display_default '{{ $hostname }}'

This is a simple template to control the display of device names by default. You can override this setting per-device.

You may enter any free-form text including one or more of the following template replacements:
Template 	Replacement
{{ $hostname }} 	The hostname or IP of the device that was set when added *default
{{ $sysName_fallback }} 	The hostname or sysName if hostname is an IP
{{ $sysName }} 	The SNMP sysName of the device, falls back to hostname/IP if missing
{{ $ip }} 	The actual polled IP of the device, will not display a hostname

For example, {{ $sysName_fallback }} ({{ $ip }}) will display something like server (

This is what the documentation shows, but even running the example lnms config:set device_display_default '{{ $sysName_fallback }} ({{ $ip }})' fails with:

"{{ $sysName_fallback }} ({{ $ip }})" is not an allowed value

Am I missing something?

I’m not sure why the examples show it’s possible to set a custom value, it’s not, only the 4 values mentioned in the example before hand are possible. I don’t know if this is an oversite or not, @murrant might know.

Thanks for the reply.

It would be nice to be able to set custom names that display on the dashboard per device. I’m currently using sysName passed from the snmpd.conf on each system that has the option to do so. Other devices with the name hard coded into firmware, and everything being lowercase on the dashboard drives me kinda nuts to look at.

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