Settings Auto Saving needs to be toggleable

I understand this is a neat and cool feature to be proud of, I am guilty of this myself, but typing in the settings UI will auto save the values with the adverse result of reverting whatever is in the field to state prior sending to DB. It works fine for copy-paste, but sometimes copy-paste is not an option. So, for instance, when I type a Base DN or a password, I get O=Uses,U=Exampl,DC=example,C=com or Pas5ord. Not only that, but imagine when your password manager accidentally filled out your personal password to the settings page and you don’t realize it until everything suddenly stopped working… All UI features have their use cases and autosave for critical admin settings fields is not one of them. If there was a “draft” feature, that you could test and commit, that would be different, but this is just painful, especially when it reverts the state on save.