Should I be able to select which devices a distributed poller polls?

Maybe I am just misunderstanding what distributed pollers are supposed to be able to do.

If I successfully stand up a distributed poller, can I configure LibreNMS in such a way that say, maybe I only want Firewalls to be polled by the new distributed poller instance.

I see that I can create a poller group and name it “Firewalls”, and then I can go into each firewall device and set it to be part of that polling group - but how do I get the new distributed poller to poll only that group?

The new distributed poller seems to always just poll everything in the default (ID 0) group.

Is it supposed to work the way I am asking about?

If not, then what are Poller Groups for exactly?

I figured this out with the Docker implementation of LibreNMS using both the official LibreNMS container for the Master/Main/UI/API instance and jarischaefer/docker-librenms container for the distributed pollers.
If anyone here wants to know how to build a distributed polling cluster with master/slaves, let me know where you’re stuck.
It is particularly tricky to get the service to run like a service in a Docker container.