Show description in devices overview, server specs and login details

Hey guys,

I have LibreNMS running and we are hosting webservers for customers. At this moment I am using the devices overview more than the dashboard as is giving me more information which I need.

At this moment I have the devices screen overview like attached.

As you can see, I have the server name (which I gave the server for my administration) like server01, server02 etc. My customers don’t change this hostname 9 out 10 times but sometimes the servers local hostname is different or changed, like etc. Sometimes the customer names his server just ‘windows’ as you can see at server15.

I personally know what the server numbers are and have a seperate excel sheet for this, like server01 (own hosting server), server02 (customer X), server03 (nameserver), server04 (customer Y), server05 (backup server), server06 (customer Z) etc. But I can only see this when I click the server at description.

So I thought, it must be possible to:
A) Add a column named description and show the server description (or notes for my part)
B) change the server’s hostname (below to description.

I have search in the PHP code and found the location:
/opt/librenms/html/pages/ Line: 315
but there is only a javascript there which I cannot change.

Does someone has any suggestions for this issue?

Another thing, I also would like add the server specs, like location in rack, which reboot switch and port are they using and I would also like to add information like login details (control panel or ssh logins). I know I can add notes but it would be much nicer to have it in a detailed view. Maybe there is a plugin or addon for this one?




Don’t think that’s possible to see notes on the detailed view at current. You might want to consider using Device groups to map device(s) to a customer.

If your interested in certain interfaces, this is slightly different as they can be aggregated by interface descriptions, e.g “Cust: blahblah” and they will appear under http://librenms/customers

For the additional bookkeeping information, not part of the monitoring software but the feature request you can find here IPAM Integration

Thank you, mapping device groups is an option, now I am using these as : Servers, Routers, Switches etc. BUt for some customers, they have 4 servers, 2x Web, 1x MySQL and 1x Exchange. When adding to a group I can see to which customer it is but not which function it has.

I will look into IPAM.

Thank you!


I have been looking for this over more than year, I found several other requests and topics about this issue, it is not about bookkeeping more the easily see who owns the server. I will let our programmer build this addon because a lot of people are asking for it… When done, I will share it here.