Show VPN states on dashboard

Greetings all,

I am running LibreNMS 22.12.0 and have added our Fortinet firewall to the inventory. The device has been properly discovered, and I can see some very good metrics on the device page (including VPN states).

I would like to add the VPN states to a dashboard widget but am not having much luck. When I browse the device, I see a very nice summary on the right side under the “State” category. The goal is to include all VPN states into a single graph to display on the dashboard. This way, our network guys can quickly/easily see how many VPN connections were active for a particular endpoint.

So far, these best I have done is create a graph using the “ports” type and display the VPN ports. But, this graph shows VPN traffic - not number of connections.

Any hints/clues?

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