Siklu MIB Update/New Multihaul TG Support

Siklu has updated their main MIB. They’ve also released a new line of radios under the moniker Multihaul TG (TG for Terragraph) in the last few years. The current Siklu discovery/polling does pick up some elements from the new radios. However, the majority of information is not read. Additionally, newer models of the Etherhaul radios have features not present in older models, so the existing polling could likely use an update.

I’m happy to help anyone who is willing to pick this up however I can.

Discovery: Untitled - LibreNMS
Poller: Untitled - LibreNMS
Bulkwalk: Untitled - LibreNMS

Updated Siklu MIB: Untitled - LibreNMS
Siklu MIB for Multihaul TG radios: Untitled - LibreNMS