Slow alert and slow notification

Hi all,
I’ve a problem with alert notification.
I’ve an alert rule like ports.ifOperStatus = “down” AND ports.ifOperStatus_prev = “up” so if a port goes down it will be notified.
After new poll of device, the alert is in “Recent event” but it’s not visible in the alert list before a lot of minutes (and the port is still down).
Look at this image

First port down is notified after 10 minutes, the second port down (15:40) is not yet notified (30 minutes after)

Any ideas?

Check you system time on the server that is hosting LibreNMS and set your timezone inside of php.ini

Also, alert rules can have a delay set in them, check that.

I’ve already check but it does not seem the problem.
I’ve found an error in configuration of alert template html. If i use the defaul template, mail are sent correctly.
Is it correct that a wrong template does not send anything instead of sending a wrong email?
Thanks a lot

Yes, if you have error in the alert templates it will cause the alert transport to stop until you correct the error in the template.