SMART App not picking up new drive

Have a Debian 11.7 server with 3x HDD in a ZFS raidz1. I had a drive fail a few weeks ago and replaced it, but when checking the SMART App on LibreNMS it was still showing the old HDD SN.

My smart.config is pretty generic so it shouldn’t matter if the drive has a new SN.

# cat /etc/snmp/smart.config
sda /dev/sda -d sat
sdb /dev/sdb -d sat
sdc /dev/sdc -d sat
sdd /dev/sdd -d sat
sdf /dev/sdf -d sat
# -C not given, but /dev/sg0 exists and cciss_vol_status is not present
# in path or 'ccis_vol_status -V /dev/sg0' is failing

I tried a few different things like “Rediscover device” on the LibreNMS side and deleting the /var/cache/smart on the server being monitored but no change.

Finally I went into /opt/librenms/rrd/x.x.x.x/ for the server being monitored, and renamed the below 4 which had the old drive’s SN by adding “old-” to the beginning, and after another “Rediscover device” it was now picking up stats for the new drive.


Well another drive has now failed so I want to make sure I follow the process correctly when replacing that one to make sure it is monitored in LibreNMS.


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