Smokeping missing devices with disabled alerts


we have smokeping integration configured, and its working fine.
the one issue i have, is that it seems, if i disable the alerts for a device (disable alerting) the gen_smokeping.php scripts is not giving back the disabled device.
is this configurable somewhere ? even though i dont want to receive alerts, i need smokeping to monitor latency.

disable disables polling, ignore blocks alerts

but there is 2 option:
Disable polling and alerting
Disable alerting

first is clear, but the second shouldnt disable smokeping, no ? its just alerting, device still gettting polled.
or i’m missing something ?

Isn’t smokeping seperate from LibreNMS? All LibreNMS does is generate a config file. Is it in the config file?

yes, its seperate.
no, thats my issue. when i disable alerting its not adding the devices in the list where its disabled.

I’m also seeing this behavior. If alerting is disabled on a device, it is not included in the “lnms smokeping:generate --targets” command. This causes a device that is being polled to not be included in smokeping targets.

I see this exact thing, devices set to ignore alert tag aren’t being generated by /opt/librenms/lnms smokeping:generate --probes > /etc/smokeping/config.d/librenms-probes.conf

Is there a way to fix this behaviour?